Our Favourite Garter - Sophie

We want you to get to know the team behind the scenes here at The Wedding Garter Co and over the next few weeks we will be introducing the incredible people in the team and what their favourite garter/s are within our beautiful collection. 

Sophie's Favourite Garter. 

That's me! I absolutely love all things weddings and wearing a garter on your wedding day, although I am very glad the initial tradition of your wedding garter is no more! 

I absolutely love all of the garters in the collection and choosing my top one is incredibly difficult but I think it would have to be our Something blue lace wedding garter - Catherine

Something Blue Wedding Garter - Catherine

I cannot resist the luxury of our Catherine garter, the beautiful lace which is created by the same lace makers who made the lace for our Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress! It is so beautifully handmade (like all items in our boutique) and it is finished off perfectly with a ruffle embellishment, the perfect blue satin ribbon and a single sparkling crystal. 

There is just something special about the Catherine garter and I think this is my favourite at the moment - Although this may change as new items join our collections. 

Sophie Ingrey
Sophie Ingrey