How to Store and Clean your Garter


Garters are often passed down through generations and whilst they're not always worn by someone else they're a lovely keepsake so you'll want to look after it once it's done it's duty!


We don't recommend hand washing your garter due to their delicate nature however most of them can be dry cleaned! You will need to be really careful with any of our beaded garters and check with your dry cleaner first to see what they think. Spot cleaning should be all your garter will need - if it does need cleaning at all. To do this use a clean piece of cotton dipped in warm (not hot) water with a small amount of delicate washing liquid. There are many washing liquids designed for silk and lace however don't fully submerge your garter in water as this could affect any of the decoration and the elastic. Dry your garter flat on a towel - do not put it on the radiator!

garter packaging

Storing your garter in the packaging it arrived in is the best way to insure it will be pristine for years to come! The tissue we use is acid free which will protect it from discolouration. Keeping it in a cool dry place will also help to keep the elasticity, excessive heat may cause it to stretch.


You might not want to store your garter hidden away and might decide to frame it which we think is a lovely idea!
Luna Samuels
Luna Samuels


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