Framing Your Garter

What do you do with your garter once you've worn it? Put it on display of course! It's probably a bit harder to frame your wedding dress but what a lovely way to have a constant reminder of the most special day of your life? 

We make our garters with such love and care and they are true heirloom pieces which deserve to be treasured. Why not use any fabric samples you have from your dress or perhaps a copy of your wedding invitation to create a little collage of all your favourite bits? I've simply framed one of our something blue beaded garters 'Evony' along with a vintage Dior bowtie which I think look so sweet together! 

Another lovely way to bring back memories is to use a scent. Our sister company Britten has a wonderful collection of candles, room sprays and diffusers which are all made locally in Bradford on Avon. My favourite is the Briar Rose which has hints of geranium and smells like a gorgeous summer garden.

We would love to know what you've done with your garter, have you framed it, kept it in a memory box or passed it on? We would love to hear from you!

garter in a frame

Luna Samuels
Luna Samuels


I currently live in the beautiful city of Bath with my lovely boyfriend and even more lovely cat, Mr Cheeks. I’m part of the making team here at Britten and when I’m not making beautiful things at work I’m probably making beautiful things at home or on the hunt for the best fish and chips in the land!