Bespoke Garter Inspiration

We often get requests for bespoke garters as people really want to have something unique and whilst we love our own designs we think it's even more special when they're adapted just for you! 

Do you have a favourite colour, fabric or type of embellishment? Perhaps you have a family tartan or want something referencing your team colours? Maybe you've got your eye on some earrings from our sister company Britten and would like this design on your garter?

As we make everything here ourselves the only limit is your imagination! We can source all sorts of exciting bits and pieces to make the garter of your dreams.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss a bespoke order, we would love to hear from you :)garter inspo

Luna Samuels
Luna Samuels


I currently live in the beautiful city of Bath with my lovely boyfriend and even more lovely cat, Mr Cheeks. I’m part of the making team here at Britten and when I’m not making beautiful things at work I’m probably making beautiful things at home or on the hunt for the best fish and chips in the land!