A traditional wedding garter in blue!

If you're looking for a garter that is traditional in design and encompasses both silk and lace to wear on your wedding day, then we would definitely recommend taking a look at our Florence garter. This garter comes in three beautiful blues as well as in a traditional ivory colour. The silk used to make this garter is really lovely and soft against the skin, and the little lace edging gives it a really pretty bridal feel and look to it.

a traditional wedding garter in blue

Because this garter is made from both silk and lace it would tone in with a number of different wedding gowns whether they're finished in lace, satin or silk. It is worth keeping in mind however that because of the ruffled nature of this garter, if you are wearing a slim fitting dress there is a chance that it might show up underneath. If you are in fact  wearing a fitted gown then please do take a look at our slim fitting wedding garter such as Ferne. 

a traditional wedding garter in blue

A traditional garter in blue

Alexandra Pitchford