What is a 'toss garter'?

You may be aware of the tradition behind a bride wearing a garter on her wedding day but the idea of tossing a garter might be something you've never heard of or witnessed before. The tossing of a wedding garter nowadays is purely for a bit of fun amongst male guests at a wedding reception. Your spouse is expected to remove your garter from under your gown with his hands (or teeth, if you're feeling brave), and then toss it over his shoulder to the group of unmarried male guests. This might fill you with absolute horror, especially if you've spent a lot of money and time choosing a garter that perfectly suits you, and trust me, the whole 'garter toss & catch' process is no delicate matter. Do not expect to get your garter back in a good condition! 

wedding toss garter

So, in order to preserve the pretty, hand- stitched embellishments, lace or silk of your garter, we offer the ability to purchase a toss garter with you order for your spouse to throw instead. This is just a simple band of ivory lace, made to the same size as your main garter, that has a single glass pearl embellishment. It is really is a sweet, simple and inexpensive addition to your order. We recommend wearing it just beneath your other garter so that it can be easily accessible, and to avoid confusion as to which one to throw. 

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Alexandra Pitchford