Our Christmas Gift Guide

It's not long until Christmas at all, and it seems that most people have been super organised this year and have all their Christmas presents wrapped already, however, we know that there may be a few (us included) that might not have actually had the time or simply just not got round to facing the crowds and buying some presents. We thought for those that might be struggling with ideas or feel that they may need to get a little something extra for someone, here are a few suggestions that we hope might give you a little inspiration (these are all things we wouldn't mind receiving at all!):


1. Greige Collection by Bobbi Brown - We love this colour palette. It's perfect for makeup this time of year allowing you to keep it light with a dash of warmth for the day while still having the choice to go dark and moody with a little sparkle for evening wear. 

2. Avani gold leaf earrings - Britten Weddings have fallen in love with these gold leaves and are making some beautiful accessories that feature them. These gold earrings are perfect a brides and bridesmaids, but would also make a really sweet gift for any female family member or friend. (We personally have our eye on a pair!!)

3. Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt - There's nothing quite like starting a new year with a fresh new scent. Wood Sage and Sea Salt is a personal favourite, it's nice and light with an unusual twist and can easily be worn all year round. 

4. Neom Essential Energy Boosting Kit - January and February can be quite tough months, so why not beat the January blues with something to boost your energy. Most of us start the year with the decision to eat healthier and exercise more, and this is bound to give you that extra little boost to keep you on track. 

5. Zara Off white knitted scarf -  Everyone loves a new scarf, and chunky knits are definitely in this year. We also love neutral colours, so for us this ticks all our boxes. 

6. Zara nude wedding garter - We love this garter designed and made us here in our boutique. This is a great gift for a bride to be. Even if her wedding is not for many months, why not buy it in advance, it's probably the last thing she's thinking of while planning her wedding so it would be a really nice little surprise and it also makes a really great stocking filler. 

7. Ombar Centres Raspberry and Coconut Raw chocolate - Everybody loves chocolate, and this is a really great option for people who are wanting a slightly healthier option. We are all dairy free here in the boutique so for us, finding delicious options like this gets us excited, at least we can still be part of the over indulgence that tends to happen at Christmas.  

8. Tory Burch Light Oak and Rose Gold Fit Bit- here's to another year of dreaming we'll have a complete make over and have a beach ready body all year round. Maybe this Fitbit will help?

Happy Christmas shopping! 


Alexandra Pitchford