A simple ivory wedding garter with a blue velvet bow

When you think of a wedding garter, most of the time, the first image that comes to mind is something frilly with a lot of lace which can sometimes look a bit over the top and put you off wearing one. So if this is you and your ideal garter would be something that is simple, made of silk, won't show up under your gown and, most importantly, has 'something blue' on it then Beau might be just the garter you're after. Simple ivory silk wedding garter
This garter is made up from a thin band of ivory silk (which is super soft against the skin), and embellished with a really gorgeous rich blue velvet bow and a trio of glass ivory pearls. This whole garter is sewn by us right here in our boutique! 
Simple silk ivory wedding garter
The elastic band is really secure, and sits really flush against your leg particularly when worn just above your knee, it is also the best place to wear it if you are at all concerned about it appearing underneath your gown, and this area is least likely to rub against your other leg. It is always worth measuring exactly where you'd like to wear your garter when ordering- all of our sizing information is available at check out, but feel free to get in touch if you'd like any more advice on which size to order. 

Alexandra Pitchford