Sparkling wedding accessories for winter brides!

One of the many things we love about winter weddings, is that brides tend to choose far more statement accessories, and in particular, ones packed full of sparkle. Weddings this time of year tend to have soft romantic light created by candles and warm twinkling lights, and this type of light is perfect for catching the sparkle of crystal and pearl hair accessories.

 1920s crystal and pearl wedding hair combOne comb in particular that we love is the 1920's vintage hair comb called Iolanthe by Britten Weddings. This comb is definitely the perfect accessory for a vintage bride, but even if you aren't going for a vintage look, this comb could be styled with a number of different hairstyles. Britten Weddings have styled this comb to the side of a brides hairstyle but it would look equally stylish tucked into a low bun towards the nape of the neck. 

If you're not brave enough to go for something wonderfully dramatic like this, they have available another slightly smaller option called Irina. 

1920s pearl and crystal wedding hair comb

The pearl elements found in both hair combs give them a warm romantic lustre perfect for balancing the sparkle of the crystals. We think that these combs would also look magnificent in gold, and hopefully Britten will think about bringing out a gold version sometime soon!

Alexandra Pitchford