Wedding Garter Instructions

A garter should be a delicate wedding accessory, one that is discreetly hidden beneath the folds of a bride's beautiful wedding gown. It should be made from luxurious fabrics in order for it to be comfortable to wear, it should be wonderfully light so that a bride can almost forget she's wearing one, and finished off in a design loved by the bride that perfectly complements her bridal outfit. 

wedding garter instructions

In order for our garters to be all these things and, most importantly, cherished by our brides, we pride ourselves in choosing the finest products to handcraft all of our delicate wedding garters. It is our finishing touches that we hope make our garters stand out. In order to preserve the delicate nature of them, here a just a few handy tips to keep in mind when trying on your wedding garter: 

All of our garters are based on an elastic band, this is what keeps your garter securely in place. Depending on the style of the garter, this elastic band can sometimes move slightly out of place if it is pulled up or down the leg. We recommend that when you are putting on your garter you guide it rather than pull it. This will also ensure that any embellishments on the garter will not misshapen while being put on. The best way to guide your garter is to place both hands directly inside of the garter, stretch it just enough so that you can pass your leg through until where you'd like to wear it on your leg. We recommend wearing just above the knee. The same method can be used to remove the garter. 

If the elastic does in fact twist out of place when putting it on or taking it off, it can easily be corrected by carefully stretching out the garter a few times. We hope that these wedding garter instructions are helpful, and if you need any more information about taking care of your garter, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Alexandra Pitchford