1 or 2 wedding garters?

Are you having trouble deciding on wearing 1 or 2 wedding garters on your wedding day? The choice is completely up to you! When it comes to garters, there is absolutely no right or wrong way of wearing one, it is purely down to you as the bride and the look you're going for on your wedding day!

1 or 2 wedding garters

Occasionally we have brides that decide they'd like to wear two garters but this is not very common. Generally speaking, our brides only choose one. Garters were originally designed to keep stockings up, so technically you'd need two- one for each leg! Not many brides, however, decide to wear stockings on their wedding day and so the original purpose of a garter is superfluous. Nowadays, the wearing of a garter is simply a wonderful little tradition!

1 or 2 wedding garters

If you'd still like to wear two garters, why not consider buying a garter that is kept special for your partner, and adding a toss garter to your order? That way you can wear one of each leg! Just remember which garter is on which leg, you don't want to accidentally toss your heirloom garter instead of your toss garter!


Alexandra Pitchford