Elegant Bridal Garters

We occasionally have brides that come to the boutique only to look at hair accessories by Britten. They seem to already know they'll skip the wedding garter section of the boutique because, on their wedding day, they won't be wearing a frilly bit of lace or silk with bling that might end up digging into their thigh - what could be more uncomfortable and old-fashioned they say?! 

We can, however, almost guarantee that despite initially giving our garter section a wide berth at the beginning of their appointment, these brides always end up wandering over to our elegant bridal garters. Many of them comment on how delicate the garters are, and upon feeling them, comment at how luxurious the lace and silk feels.

elegant bridal gartersOur garters are nothing like their perceived idea of a garter. Every single of one of our pieces is made lovingly by hand. Our embellishment detailing which completes each garter is always designed with our brides in mind-  we want  to create a finished piece that will last a life time, a design that will not date, and most importantly, one that will be comfortable to wear. 

A garter should always feel luxurious against the skin, and because of this, the best fabrics are always used. It should feel secure but so comfortable that, when worn just above the knee on a wedding day, it can almost be forgotten about. 

elegant bridal gartersWith our knowledge of the garters, we will be able to help find a perfect garter for you that will complement your wedding gown and match your personality in the perfect size.

Let our heirloom garters persuade you that wearing a garter on your wedding day is a sweet tradition that should continued. 



Alexandra Pitchford