A classic and wonderfully elegant wedding belt!

One way to make a wedding gown distinctly unique and personal to you is by the way you accessorise it. This can be done by deciding to wear a veil, by the style of jewellery you choose or by adding some extra lace in places to build up your gown, but one way that makes a dress look that little bit more fabulous well is by adding a wedding belt or sash!

wedding belt

Our sister company Britten Weddings have some really gorgeous options, and one in particular that we absolutely love is their Laurie wedding belt. This belt is made up from sparkling crystals arranged in a delicate floral design. This elegant design is secured to a luxury ivory ribbon that can be tied in a cute bow at the back (great for adding some extra detailing to the back of your gown as well!).

wedding beltA wedding belt should not distract from the beautiful detailing of a wedding gown but simply accentuate it. The simplicity of a silk wedding gown could be further emphasised by a belt when the bodice of the dress is separated from the skirt. A belt can accentuate the fall of the fabric as well as adding some extra shape to a gown by cinching in the waist. Ideal for brides that want to emphasise their waist!wedding belt

If you like the idea of wearing a belt but ideally want something in a similar design to the detailing you have on your dress or to complement the other accessories you'll be wearing, why not send a quick email to Sarah to discuss designing a bespoke wedding belt just for you? She will undoubtedly come up with something wonderful just for you!

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