New Nude Garters!

You may have seen snippets here and there on Facebook and Instagram about us adding some new garters to our collection and so we have! We've added three new little beauties in a beautiful nude colour called- Ava, Zara and Dottie

You might recognise a couple of the designs from our previous collection. Ava is in a similar style to our Clara garter, but instead of a lace bow, Ava is finished off with a wonderfully delicate champagne bow, and rose gold Swarovski crystal. The intricate detailing of the nude lace with its design of flowers, three leaf clovers and fringed edges really gives it a romantic feel. This garter would really complement a full soft floaty wedding gown. 

 Nude wedding garter


Zara is very similar in design to one of our most popular garter called Catherine. We adore the design of Catherine because of its timeless and traditionally elegant style and so we were really excited when we found the perfect nude lace to make it in a similar design. We have a feeling Zara is going to be a very popular amongst our brides. The bow on Zara is a stunning warm caramel colour, which again, is finished off with a gorgeous shimmering rose gold Swarovski crystal. 

nude wedding garter

Dottie is a really fun little garter. It's polka dot tulle gives it a cute look, and the peach bow and pearl gives it a lovely fresh feel. The tulle is really soft, and feels really luxurious against the skin. 

Nude wedding garter

Nude wedding garter

All three of these garters are great alternatives to the more traditional ivory garters. The warm tone of the lace gives them the perfect romantic vintage feel, and they would really complement any wedding gown that has touches of gold and ivory. 


Alexandra Pitchford