Unique head bands by Britten Weddings

Head bands are one of the easiest and most effective hair accessories a bride can wear. They sit securely on a band so there's absolutely no chance of your hair piece coming loose or falling out at all on your wedding day. Head bands are often striking in appearance which make them the perfect accessory for making a statement. 

Bridal head band

Britten Weddings have a beautiful selection of really unique wedding head bands. There are some really gorgeous sparkly ones such as Laurie, which really do look fabulous in hairstyles that are either sleek and sophisticated or ones that are styled naturally down. However, if statement isn't quite your thing, then Ruby (which can easily be worn again without looking too bridal) or Honoria are great alternatives!

Bridal head band

bridal head band

Britten also offer then head bands in a wonderful choice of either silver or gold. This is a great way to bring elements of your dress or other accessories into your hair piece as well as picking something that'll tone well with your hair colour! The bands of the head bands can quite easily be changed to match your hair colour as well, so if you're a brunette and you don't want the band to be visible, they can easily change the ribbon to a brown for a more subtle appearance.

Bridal head band


So have any head bands caught your eye, if so which ones? We are particularly partial to the floral ones, and of course, the super sparkly Laurie one, the more it sparkles the more we love it! x 

Alexandra Pitchford