Veils by Britten Weddings

Are you a bride-to-be who loves the fussiness of a veil? We do, and we love seeing images of brides on their wedding day where their veil has been caught in the wind and it's being shown off in its full glory! Our sister company Britten Weddings have just launched their first wedding veil collection online with a wonderful selection of different styles.

ivory lace wedding veil

They've got veils fit for cathedrals and chapels, as well as ones that are much smaller like finger tip veils, Juliette cap veils and Russian net veils. The veils are made with luxurious ivory tulle and edged, if you decide, with exquisite ivory lace. Most of the veils come with the option of a blusher veil as well! 

Veils can be the perfect finishing touch for a bridal outfit, and to be honest, what could be more bridal than a gorgeous veil made completely by hand to perfectly complement a wedding dress? Britten Weddings are always happy to provide advice if you need a little help deciding what style to go for, don't decide not to wear one simply because you don't know which one to choose! You most likely will never wear a veil at any other time, so don't miss out this one time opportunity!!


Alexandra Pitchford