Silk flower hair combs

Soft delicate hair pieces are very popular at the moment with brides who love a boho look. Silk ivory flowers combined with pearls that are hand twisted into place with wire create a wonderful whimsical look. Britten Weddings, our sister company, have a great selection of boho hair combs in this style.

silk flower bridal hair combs

The hair combs are perfect for adding to any hair style but we think they would look particularly pretty with hair in soft curls styled both up and down. Each silk flower is cut by hand from sheets of ivory silk with each petal meticulously imprinted by couture millinery techniques bringing these flowers to life - every single flower is completely individual.  

Silk flower bridal hair combs

These little flowers are then combined with beautiful ivory pearls that give the combs that wonderful bridal look. 

Silk flower bridal hair combs

The combs come in various sizes that also have different size silk flowers. This is ideal for brides that either want small and dainty, or big and statement to wear on their wedding day. Silk flowers is a great alternative to real flowers because you won’t have to worry about the flowers wilting. These boho vines would also be a wonderful addition to any bridesmaids outfit.


Alexandra Pitchford