Wedding garter embellishments

We absolutely love meeting and chatting to our brides and hearing all about their wedding details, this helps us a great deal too especially if our bride needs a little help deciding which garter to buy. Many of our brides are very happy with the choices we give them, but we do occassionally have brides who request a bespoke garter.

wedding garter embellishments

We absolutely love doing bespoke garters, but we are very clear that we will not copy any garters from any other designers. Many of the brides who are wanting something slightly different bring in the own wedding garter embellishments. This usually consists of either a brooch which is personal to them, a piece of lace from their wedding gown, or an extra little something blue. We would be more than happy to attach these embellishments to one of our pre-existing garter bases of their choice. There have been some occasions where we have been requested to create a garter embellishment that has similar pattern to the detailing of their wedding gown, these brides wanted their garter to match their wedding dresses.

wedding garter embellishments

If there are any wedding garter embellishments that you would like to chat to us about, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

wedding garter embellishments



Alexandra Pitchford