Gold wedding hair pins called Lena

Have you noticed that gold accessories are coming back into fashion? We absolutely love this fact, and we are so happy that our sister company Britten Weddings, who design gorgeous wedding accessories, has started designing pieces that now are available in both gold and silver. One particular pair of bridal hair accessories that has caught our eye are the gold wedding hairpins called Lena

wedding hair pins in gold - Lena

These hair pins are really cute and are sold in sets of three. This is ideal because you can try styling them in different ways- it can always be a bit tricky deciding how to style a hair piece when you only have one, and it takes away the decision of how many you think you might need to buy!

The gold bead edging around each of the crystal petals gives Lena a really vintage feel but at the same time, they would be perfectly suitable for a modern bride. Lena can be used to frame a delicate bun like in the image above, or simply scattered throughout a hairstyle for a lovely relaxed feel. For a more statement look why not think about placing the three hair pins close together in a line in hair secured just behind the ear. 

wedding hair pins in gold - Lena



Alexandra Pitchford