Eté tulle wedding garter on Etsy Sample Sale

If you have a love of tulle, and are still looking for your something blue, then have a look at our Eté tulle wedding garter on our Etsy Sample Sale. There is very little wrong with this garter, and if you aren't particularly fussed about a slight wave in the stitching then you've found yourself a bargain! This garter is in perfect condition apart from the stitching. Our tulle garter in blue/grey are very popular amongst our brides who still want to complete the bridal tradition of wearing 'something blue' but don't want to wear the traditional lace garter. 

This garter has a 15% discount off RRP £68.00, now only £57.80. 

Size small: 40-50cm. 

Tulle garter sale by Wedding Garter Co.



Alexandra Pitchford