Reviews of our Florence lace and silk garter in ivory!

Here are a couple of reviews from gentlemen who have purchased our Florence lace and silk wedding garter in ivory for their other half! The idea of your husband-to-be buying a garter for your to specifically wear on your wedding day is a really sweet idea- it is something that he has personally chosen for you to complete your bridal look. 

"Fantastic service! My order arrived the following day beautifully presented as a gift with a hand written personal message which made the garter much more personal. Many thanks!" - Iain L. 

"High quality product. Delightful service." - Philip D. 

These two gentlemen bought a really great garter- the Florence garter is one of the most comfortable garters to wear all day. The silk that completely envelopes the band keeping your garter in place is wonderfully soft against your skin. It is also a great one to wear if you are at all concerned about a garter showing up underneath your dress- it is a really delicate garter. Florence also comes in a fresh cornflower blue or romantic lavender blue, ideal for your 'something blue'. 

Alexandra Pitchford