Our favourite posts from this last week!

Here are our favourite blog posts from this last week. This week, our inspiration has come from posts where couples have tried to do something creative and slightly out of the ordinary for either their ceremony or reception.

Our first two favourite posts both come from the Ruffled Blog. The first one features a couple who created the most effective ceremony backdrop out of old wooden doors and gates. This is a fantastic way to completely transform an ordinary room, creating a focal feature that will capture the attention of your guests. This particular backdrop was finished off perfectly with twinkle lights and a simple bunch of flowers. Big candle arrangements, a few trees, pot plants (which can be recycled), or larger arrangements of flowers would look simply beautiful. This concept would be just as effective if used outside in the garden!

Summer Garden Wedding Ideas in Chattenooga via Ruffled Blog

For more wedding ceremony backdrop inspiration have a look at Colin Cowe Weddings- 10 Stunning Wedding Backdrops (Image Credit: Birds of a Feather)

The second post from the Ruffled blog features a romantic candle lit reception. If you are concerned with the cost of flowers, and are looking for an alternative option to flower arrangements for your reception tables, why not think about completely filling the tables with candles like this couple in the image below did? This is such a gorgeous idea and it creates the most cosy, romantic atmosphere. Pillar and tealight candles are not expensive and they can be placed in old glass jam jars, wine bottles etc. that can collected in the lead up to your reception, or can be bought quite cheaply at a car boot sales. If you’d like to create more of a dramatic effect you could simply spray paint a couple of the jars or bottles to bring in your colour theme, either gold or silver would like very effective.

Modern SmogShoppe Wedding with Fuchsia Accents via Ruffled Blog

Green Wedding Shoes featured a vow renewal, and to be quite honest it’s hard to know where to even begin with our favourite parts. The pale pink combined with the purples and blues is simply beautiful. This couple also used old wooden doors that toned in to match the colour scheme, the rustic flowers arrangements are gorgeous, the way the menu is displayed is very effective. The bride then changed into the most beautiful emerald green gown -wow! This is definitely a post you should see if you’re needing a little wedding inspiration.

Stylish Backyard Vow Renewal: Tina + Brian via Green Wedding Shoes

Have a wonderful weekend wedding planning, hopefully these posts have given you a little inspiration!


Chloe White