A particularly wonderful review...!

We really don't mind heading back to work after Christmas when we receive amazing reviews like this one from Gemma on our Grace lace wedding garter in ivory!

Thank you so much Gemma for your kind review!

"I was not sure as to whether or not to buy a garter but I am so happy that I did. The experience of unwrapping the special gift wrap, to find an elegant box with a card on top wishing me a happy special wedding day was just the start of the luxurious item I had invested in. When I opened the box there was folded tissue that surrounded my garter! I folded back the tissue to find a most beautiful lace bag with ribbon as the draw string. Nestled inside this bag was my garter!! Beautiful soft ivory lace with just the right weight as to know that you were holding something of quality. A beautiful blue dainty bow hand stitched into place completed the garter! 
This is something that I will keep and treasure forever and hope to hand down to any children we may have! Thank you for such a fantastic, prompt and personal service!"

Alexandra Pitchford