Do our wedding garters come in different sizes?

Our garters come in a range of different sizes from extra small to extra large. This is because us ladies come in a range of different sizes and we find that one size does not fit all. When measuring your leg you need to decide where you would like to wear your garter. Our blog post 'Where should I wear my wedding garter' can help with this!

Not sure what size garter to order? It's easy! Measure around your leg where you want to wear the garter and choose the option that corresponds. If your measurement is not listed just leave a note in the 'Comments' section just after you click 'Add to cart' and we'll make one especially for you. There is no extra charge but it will take up to 1 extra working day to be delivered. Buying for a friend? Make your best guess; if it's the wrong size we'll swap it for the right one!

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Alexandra Pitchford