How to wear a wedding garter

A query we get a lot is how exactly does a bride wear one of our wedding garters? Which leg does the garter go on, how high up the leg do you wear and garter and how do you combine the toss garter and main garter to fulfill the tradition?

Well here are the answers! 

  • Which leg do I wear my garter on? Tradition doesn't really dictate on this one but 'normal' practice is for the left leg.
  • How high up the leg should I wear my garter? When we give instructions for measurements we always say the garter is worn just above the knee so this is where you measure. That said if you'd like a more racy look then higher is fine and perfectly acceptable to the traditions.
  • How do I wear my garter with the toss garter? We recommend wearing your toss garter on the same leg as your main garter and just below it. This gives the groom easy access for removal to fulfill the tradition!

Hope that helps, any more questions do get in touch!

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


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