Plus size garters, garters for all ladies!

Some ladies are just a different brand of gorgeous!

Every size of garter we sell is exactly the same price and ships in exactly the same time so if you need a specific size just let us know.

You can either choose from our size 'bands' in the drop down menu or choose custom and leave us a note.

To know what size you need a tape measure will be required! Simply measure around your leg where you wish to wear the garter.

Now garters are normally worn just above the knee but if you'd rather it was a bit higher up then go for it.

Browse our full selection of garters available in a range of sizes today!

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


Hi! I'm Matthew, the husband of Sarah Jane - the designer at The Wedding Garter Co. We live in the beautiful town of Bradford on Avon, just outside Bath in England with our crazy golden retriever Alfie! test