'Grace' - a luxury lace garter with a subtle something blue...

So today lets have a closer look at Grace. Firstly I should probably confess that Grace is my favourite of our lace garters and quite possibly of all our designs. I love how simple and delicate it looks but how much is going on when you look closer.

The lace is a vintage lace design, in continuous production since the 19th century, with a really lovely ruffled edge. The weight of the lace pattern reduces towards the edge so you get a nice heavy and luxurious feel at the centre, where it touches your leg, with the lace garter becoming lighter and 'floating' towards the edge. 

The 'something blue' that really makes this garter is the delicate blue satin ribbon bow. This is hand tied of course and stitched carefully to the centre of the garter along with a signature shimmering pearl. 

Like the rest of our garters Grace should last for decades not just the one day of your wedding. We desperately want all our garters to be worn 100 years from now, it's an incredible goal to aim for! 

Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates


Hi! I'm Matthew, the husband of Sarah Jane - the designer at The Wedding Garter Co. We live in the beautiful town of Bradford on Avon, just outside Bath in England with our crazy golden retriever Alfie! test