Bendy hair vines by our sister company Britten Weddings

Our sister company Britten Weddings have been adding to their online collection of wedding hair vines and in particular, bendy hair vines. Bendy hair vines are a great way of creatively intertwining your hair accessories into your wedding hair style. Below is an example of flowers being incorporated into a braid, and the same concept can be applied to these new vines. 

Image from @thebridestory via Instagram

Britten Weddings have a selection of gold and silver vines, with either a mixture of different types of embellishments - pearls, crystals, and flowers. The wonderful thing about vines like this is that they can be easily adapted to create a unique look, whether it's by making them longer, shorter or adding dashes of colour. Here are a few of our favourite bendy vines that they are creating at the moment!

Maya, in silver pearl and crystal: 

Ivy - gold wire with freshwater pearls:

 And Lily- gold wire, ivory seed beads, freshwater pearls and little ivory flowers:

Alexandra Pitchford