Ella- a lace and pearl wedding garter!

I have personally always loved the 'Catherine' lace wedding garter. From the beginning it has been one of my favourites- it is elegantly timeless and made from the prettiest lace, it is simple, delicate and completes the old wedding saying - '... something blue'. However, the other day I was making the Ella garter for a bride and I couldn't help but notice how pretty this garter is, so today I thought I'd sing it's praises!

lace wedding garter

Ella is made up of three sections of ruffled pale ivory lace, not just any lace, but lace that is extremely soft and delicate, and made by the same family of lace makers since 1845. This same family also happened to make the lace used in the wedding gown that the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day. Each section of ruffled lace is attached to elastic, which means that there is no single elastic band keeping you garter up but rather three strands securing it. As previously mentioned, because the lace is very soft in nature, there is no worry about it catching on anything under your wedding gown or causing any irritation by rubbing against your other leg. 

Ella is finished off with a trio of hand sewn glass pearls. These glass pearls tone in wonderfully with colour of the lace, and their smooth nature means that there is nothing for them to catch on too. 

lace wedding garter

We also offer Ella in a gorgeous warm- toned nude lace that works really well with gowns that have a deep ivory, gold or champagne tone to them! This garter, in either colour, would make a wonderfully gift for a bride. It suits both a modern bride because it is simple and not overly embellished, a vintage bride because it's lace ruffles give it just enough of an antique feel to it, as well as a traditional bride who wants a garter that will  stand the test of time and become a family heirloom

Alexandra Pitchford